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Hello, I am Alex (he/him). I write and have written poetry, nonfiction and prose, and my current primary interests are exploring alternatives to mainstream software and computing (details below) and their ability to build creative, cooperative, non-commercial relationships and communities.


I studied Physics and English at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri graduating in 2016, lived in Chicago for four years, then San Francisco for two. I currently live in Brooklyn, NYC. I published the poetry book Harm (2016) through Bottlecap Press, and have self-published and locally distributed three chapbooks since then. Reach out if you'd like a physical copy. My poetry has appeared in Prelude, Tenderness Lit and Peach Mag, among elsewhere.

I believe strongly in non-commercial, collaboratively-produced free and open source software. I believe computers, predominately, have become primarily instruments of increasing bureaucratization, domination and control, and this ideology pervades even "alternative" tech. I believe that a more radical re-evaluation of computing and its role in our world is necessary. I do not take a pessimistic outlook here: I believe these technologies exist and can be built.

My main technical interests, currently, are:

Dusk OS



nanomail (WIP)

forthpunk (WIP)

Some of my "finished" projects:

crabmail mailing list archive


I'm also deeply interested in philosophy, literature, political organizing, and art.

I recently moved to NYC and am interested in meeting people and communities with similar interests and am happy to get in touch.