born: 03-14-1993


I went into college with no ambitions. When I was in college, I absolutely could not fathom being above the age of 22. I went into college undeclared, then became a Physics major and wanted to be a physics teacher. My third year, I took a CS class for non-majors in Python and really enjoyed it. I ended up giving up on my teaching idea, getting a BA instead of a BS, and taking as many CS classes as I could in my last two years. I put an extremely little amount of energy and focus into my undergraduate work -- doing only the bare minimum to get decent grades. I spent most of my free time being involved in local arts and music, drinking, writing and working on The Monitor, a sort of alt-weekly style campus publication which I was briefly editor-in-chief of. I graduated college and moved to Chicago with no plan. My general idea was that, at some point, I would go back to school for an MFA in fiction (I had taken a number of writing classes in college). I got a QA analyst apprenticeship in Chicago for about 6 months, thinking this would be a temporary thing before going back to school, then was unemployed for 5 months. I interviewed for a number of software engineering companies, and got little success -- I had no coding experience outside of classroom and a couple personal projects. I had no idea how to do a technical interview. I eventually got an offer for a non-dev role at a consulting company in Chicago. I had little interest in what I was doing and was constantly trying to get on an dev projects that I could. I started writing code outside of work and slowly giving up on my MFA plan. I ended up eventually transitioning towards a data engineering role. My ultimate goal was to move out to the Bay Area, and I started interviewing for places early in 2020. I quit my job in March with no plan and then un-quit once COVID started. I waited a few months to get my bearings, then started interviewing in the Bay Area. I eventually got a job at Twitch as a contractor and moved out to Berkeley. I do not know where to go from here with my career. I considered applying to graduate school, but quickly lost interest -- the trajectory of my career (which was not very academic) is such that it would be a great challenge with little benefit. I'm currently happy with my role at Twitch, hoping that I can continue to grow here.