this guide will make it easy if you're used to github and github clones like gitlab/gitea

Mailing list for my projects:

I know how to use git-send-email or are interested in learning

Use it,

I answered no to the above and I have a place to easily host a repo with my changes, or am running a long-running fork with lots of changes

after you have committed your changes, run

git clone (repo url)
git checkout (your branch)
// push to your remote repository
git format-pull origin/main (your repo url)

And email the output of this command to me. If you want comments, use the -p flag.

I want to test things

I am lazy and don't want to learn new things

Just upload your fork to github and email the mailing list saying you have some changes I should check out

I am lazy, I don't want to learn new things, I hate everything decentralized, I love big tech, I think that one corporation should control the entire open source ecosystem, I think capitalism is a system with no flaws, and this is a project that alex has begrudgingly mirrored on github

open a pull request on github

I'm being snarky but I would love and be happy with any contributions. Thanks for participating in my project.