Alex Wennerberg (2016)


snow like little milk wings 
music on a small speaker 

the cleanest mind i've ever seen
the strongest twig i've ever seen, haha 

you sing on a big stage
when i was ten i played violin

in this friendly bed i talk to ghosts

i wave a flag of dust,
24 karats of ash

i'm in love with a blue fish
a blue so deep it could save you

& here we are

sad eyes pointing
mere white air
can you believe this
fingers watertwirling,
moving like a black shoe 

folded (not coddled)

i saw a chocolate bar in
half i swim in pools of liquid
gold and it's ok that we can't
talk because when we are
together we don't riot inside

i feel like you've been here before, in fact you know it

we roll down a hill without trying
our hands dissolve into tiny crystals

poem 1

there is harm between our fingers
& i sewed a sweater out of harm

(harm harm harm harm harm)

i put my eyelids on fire

cold towel; steel wool

small broken house board drifting

eggshell white,
covered in snot,

i want to never die

whats wrong why don't you talk

noggin tips:
(quiet addict)
kiss my specky eyes

i know exactly what i want

this is new territory

can we do it without touching my hair

i'm sorry things got all mangled

palmful of ash

river rocks
when you cry i cry
there's no one down here

too good to be true

by an
it's so weird to push
i crack a bottle in my
like ice
i wipe my blue
soft like with a
i just wanna say
i feel you
at least a little bit

i've never felt as home as in these socks

white hairs
my carrot
like little stars

i hold your
in them 
faded a light pink 

lightless room

tied up 
in a pink little bow 

cook your tiny thoughts & know your 
there's no one coming for you 

(and yet, 
this place is not as 
cruel as you think) 

magic poem / price of progress

handful of death, 
scrubbed away, 
& we kissed 
i am very tired 

finger trap

pull the pin out of my mouth 

tell me what to do next 

i can't talk myself out of this one 

we were getting too close

strangers gathered on a small towel 
no fences 
one million miles of 
completely free red moon 
so soft and sticky when you tear it apart 
a thick jacket 
keeps my shoulders from the cold 

to see yourself as a person

i sew my cuts with an icicle
you compose a little smile
i can move the whole ocean
lightning cannot stop me

not ice but something stronger, less cold

picking bleeding flies out of molasses
its time to change the bandage on your nose 

we're creating our new little home together
it's funny how you can live through anything 

eyelash soup

tell me even the 
i won't listen 

handling raw soap 
with gloves on 
i squeeze my knuckles 
right out of my hands 

themed prom

red milk 
without caution  
am i being the best me that i can be? 
dye a hero dye a hero 

why can't i do this for you

i've never eaten; i've 
only been sucking on rocks, 
please forgive me 

bad tree poem

bad tree 
rough tree 
bad tree 
i am afraid of everything 

despite everything i can't stop trying

your eyes are empty 
your hands are cold 
rollerblading on a blue 

i'm sliding 
down a mountain 
the friendly 
sun is shining 
again anyway 
as if with a pulse 

if not then what?

it's all a big dumb mystery
like pushing my thumb into soft clay

waterfalls of fire / waterfalls of ice

i eat green peas with a fork 
i feel like it shouldn't be this easy  


ketchup fingers 
free your tigers 
what are you afraid of 
what are you afraid of
what are you afraid of 

i write my feelings sincere

i feel it is 1997 & the rain is doing its 1997 rain 
beige computers 

future skeletons

save yourself 
you tiny bringer of trees you 
terrifying accident of nature 
you loved them in spite of 
how really strange it all was 

i know it's your first time here but the only rule is not to kill anything, not to kill even the smallest part of anything

there's nothing beautiful here 
go home 


"hello" originally appeared in Pajama Party Zine.

"i feel like you've been here before, in fact you know
it" originally appeared in fog.

"i know it's your first time here but the only rule is
not to kill anything, not to kill even the smallest
part of anything" originally appeared in Truman State
University's The Monitor.

"poem 1" and "what's wrong why don't you talk"
originally appeared in Prelude.

"& here we are" originally appeared in Potluck.

"cold towel; steel wool" originally appeared in The
Moon Zine.

"themed prom" and "amberstuck" originally appeared in
Wu-Wei Fashion Mag.