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hello world is sent to you by a small computer that I am a caretaker of and which resides in my home.

Here is a technical overview:

our digital home and host (picture of a raspberry pi)

For more information about setting up your own server, check out my home server guide

The source code and version history for this website is available

The pixelated avatar is generated via this script, hashing the string "alex".

counter cloud strategies

I was inspired by christina cochior's talk on counter cloud strategies and the related work a traversal network of feminist servers

The web today is becoming highly centralized, and most of us are completely removed from the digital infrastrucure we depend upon. The web of the cloud is not a community, it is a corporate-controlled ad-ridden monoculture. I believe in building spaces that are independent of this world, spaces of creativity, play, community and understanding. I view the current world of cloud infrastructure as antithetical to this.